I’m Felice, a maker and founder of The Knit Apothecary, an independent fiber company specializing in hand dyed yarn. 

Sustainability is one of my core values and drives my decisions about the materials I choose, how I create and the products I offer you.  I only use untreated, non-superwash yarn bases – the wool is simply washed and spun and hasn’t been treated with any harsh chemicals.  Minimal processing of the wool prevents the structure of the fiber from being altered and preserves the inherent characteristics of the wool.  It’s also much better for the environment.

The wool is also ethically sourced from cruelty-free farms that do not practice mulesing.  I hand dye each skein myself with certified, low impact dyes that are non-toxic and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) compliant to create beautiful, vibrant colors that will compliment any design.

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